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What is GC/MS???

GC/MS, gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer, is a highly sophisticated state of the art chemical analyzing computer.

What does this mean to you, the essential oil user? Since essential oils are routinely and almost always cut and/or diluted, having your oils GC/MS analyzed is truly the ONLY way of insuring you have an oil that has not been changed or manipulated in any way. Other labels can legally state that they are "PURE", yet they are usually adulterated by some means including Petro-chemicals, nature identicals, fractions of other chemical additives. 

Does this adulteration affect the performance of the oils? Absolutely! The physiological effects of true essential oils are gradually stripped away when they are mixed with adulterants such as the ones listed above. The inherent quality and effectiveness of the oil is therefore seriously compromised, and they simply won't work as well. Unless you purchase oils that have been fully GC/MS analyzed, you will generally be purchasing inferior quality oils.

Many essential oil companies do not address the quality issue. Some say they perform 'GC' testing. However, by itself 'GC' does not mean much. It is a two dimensional test. The 'MS' is a three dimensional, and without it plenty of unknown or intentional adulterants would go undetected.

If therapeutic results are what you are after, the GC/MS tested essential oils will be your choice.

logo uses only fully tested GC/MS oils in all products.

All GC/MS testing is performed by Spectrix Lab.

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